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Where are you located?

Our physical address is 844 Amherst Street, Winchester, VA. This works well in most GPS devices. We are across the street from the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, so if you are coming from out of town, follow the signs and directions to it. You can find a map on our Contact page.

What about parking?

We have two paved parking lots, one on each side of the building, with entrances from Amherst Street. Because of space limitations at the back of our property, the lots are not connected. As a first time visitor, you are encouraged to use the west parking lot -- to the left as you face the building.

Where should I enter?

If you arrive for worship, enter through the front entrance -- the doors facing Amherst Street. Greeters will be there to welcome you. If you are running late, doors may be locked for security, please ring the doorbell and someone will be happy to greet you. If you are arriving for Sunday School, you are welcome to enter through the double doors on the West side, the rear door, or the East side door. There is an information desk at the hallway intersection of these entrances. For Wednesday evening activities enter from either the rear entrance or the East side entrance.

Is the building handicap accessible?

There are handicap parking spaces in both parking lots, and there are handicap ramps accessible at both the Amherst Street and Portico entrances. We also have an elevator available to access the upstairs.

Do you provide childcare?

We provide nursery care for infants birth to 18 months of age and a class for Pre-K through Kindergarden for Sunday School and during our worship service.

What activities do you have for kids?

On Sunday morning, we have classes for infant through middle school starting at 9:30am. Nursery and Preschool/Kindergarten classes continue thru the worship service. During the worship service, we dismiss 1st - 6th grades to Children's Church.

What is the worship service like?

Worship is a mixture of traditional and contemporary elements, probably best described as blended. Words for songs and hymns are projected on a screen, but hymnbooks are available for those who prefer them. Occasionally short videos are used as part of worship. Communion is served once a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month.

Come as you are!

Just as our service is a mixture of traditional and contemporary; the attire for the worship service is varied from dressy to casual. We invite you to come as you are.

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